26 May 2007

Why am I doing a blog?

Well, I guess I am wondering to myself: why I am setting up this blog thing?
I hardly have any time to two seconds in a row by myself, and now ANOTHER responsibility....

Guess what? I am NOT going to post here often, you all know how slack I am at this type of thing.
However, I will try from time to time fill you in on family happenings, and of course post some pictures. (That is the only reason you are here anyway to see the children's pictures, hey?)
I am sure you don't really want to read EVERYTHING about our life, blah blah blah. There was much sense in good old fashioned diaries with LOCKS on them. It is healthier for you folks not to read my soppy lengthy entries. But alas I, like the modern generation, no longer know how to hold a pen, it is a dying art.

So...I will not bore you, and I will not let myself down at yet another commitment.

PS: Honestly, I think there may be some therapy in this, and hey, it IS cheaper than a psychiatrist! But please DON"T post nasty comments. My ego will not handle them!

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