30 July 2007

A week of teeth

This past week at "homeschool" we studied Dentists and Teeth in great detail. We learned about brushing and flossing, different types of teeth, and we did experiments on eggs to show how different foods effect (or is that affect?) our teeth enamel. On Tuesday last week, Joel said his tooth felt funny, and we discovered it was loose.So we discussed milk teeth and permanent teeth too. And Joel wiggled his tooth.

Today we went to the dentist. The children behaved really well, and co-operated. Their teeth were all fine and the dentist was great! Whilst we were there the dentist by mistake bumped
the loose tooth out. Here is the story Joel composed for school today. I have not changed any of his words:

"Today we all went to the dentist and my tooth came out, because it was loose. Dr Chris was brushing my teeth because I wanted him to brush my teeth. Then my tooth came out. Now I have 19 teeth. I put my tooth under my pillow, that the toothmouse could come. He will leave a coin in its' place. The End."

Though I was fascinated at how much of our week was linked to our school theme, quite honestly I am relieved to see the end of teeth for a while. We celebrated by eating junk food at Wimpy. (Not logic, I know)

Tomorrow we start Fireman and fire safety. One school topic I do not want to bring "home"!!!

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