01 July 2011

Stepping back in time

We did this outing 4 years ago, in 2007 and for some reason after I added to SA blog carnival code, I oculd not save it under it's original date. Mmmmm.

Yesterday our homeschool group visited the gracious little Settler village, Bathurst. We spent a long time at the Bathurst agricultural museum, and found it extremely interesting.  The children were allowed to touch and pick up  old butter churns and various farm implements and see how they work.  
 The boys were thrilled with the variety of wagons, carriages and  carts.  We were allowed to climb on them for photographs.  

After that we went to a Settler church. This is where Settlers hid during the Xhosa-Settler wars.  One lady even had a baby in the Anglican church there during a raid, poor soul.  It was a lovely day, which we ended by having a picnic in the veld next to the old Settler Powder magazine.  We'll be back for more exploring.



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  1. this sounds like a great adventure! What a rich peek into the lives and history of those who lived here before us!

  2. Looks like some lovely memories there!

  3. Such lovely memories - and I love your gorgeous sepia and black and white photos - like a real trip into the past!

  4. Wow this brings back memories as I studied at Rhodes! Looks like the kids had a wonderful time! Enjoy your new camera!


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