15 September 2007

Birthdays and baby days

Top: Shell bell with crazy baby hair, and above: Birthday boy with his cake and friends

Lowly worm had his birthday party yesterday. Since his last party was the year that he turned three, due to various family emergencies, we wanted to make it really special. And it was. He had 12 friends over, and we played 2 games, pass the parcel, and a treasure hunt. Then the children all had time for free play. The cake turned out well and everyone enjoyed the eats. So until Christmas, I can rest;-)
I snapped this shot of Dad and Lollie at the party, and I love it!

Dad and his big boy

Lollie enjoys taking pictures with my camera, and he took this in the garden this morning, of Princess Beauty Bright and me. It was a lovely warm Spring morning, and we played some cricket.

Mom and the princess

While we were playing, Shell-bell was investigating the garden, and found the dog's water bucket. She had such fun, and then began to play in the muddy patch she had created, enjoying every moment as it squished in her fingers. Then it was upstairs for a clean up.

Happy as a piggy in the mud

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