16 September 2007

Picnic in the veld

Princess loves Baby coz

Today went out of town, to a local game reserve, with family. The weather forecast had predicted bad weather, but the day was lovely and sunny, and warm. We had a picnic alongside the Settlers dam, on the grass. We had a braai for lunch, and then the other adults attempted to take a nap on blankets spread out under the shade of an acacia tree. I took the children for a little stroll.

Along the waters edge we saw buffalo spoor and there was evidence that the rhino had been around, but we never spotted them. The children enjoyed poking at little tadpoles in the shallow water. Princess (aka Embie Tembie) was feeling a little jittery about the possibility of bumping into a rhino without Daddy by her side. (I thought it best not to even mention the buffalo!) I wanted to go on further and a bit into the bush too but she was not at all happy. Alas princess was also feeling camera shy, and then a fall and resultant bump on her chin ended the happy time for her. We saw a small herd of impala along the road as we left later.

Lowly playing with pollywiggles

We are GOING ON HOLIDAY to the seaside, on Tuesday, for almost a week.
I am so excited, can you tell?
We have not been on holiday that long for more than a year, and we have been invited to join family, so it's a real blessing. Hubby dearest needs a good break.

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