13 September 2007

Settling down

Enjoying the Spring garden

We've been having some really calm, ordinary stay-at-home days, and that has been good. We have gone to the library, baked together, had a few visitors and just played. I have really felt rather introspective, now that I am a mother of a SIX year old!

Lowly worm is now SIX, with his own Clivia

I have realised with shock at how fast time flies, and feel that we need to slow down the academics for a while and live and learn more of life lessons. We have not done Weaver for
about 2 weeks, but we've been re-connecting as a family. And I think it is great.
Next year, the big boy, by law must start school. Then I am going to have to do much more serious work with my almost official First Grader. Until then, we are taking it slow...enjoying our family moments.

Forest Fairies having a picnic
I visited our local boys' school this week to view their resources. Initially my mind was reeling, as I tried to compare what we are doing, academic wise, here at home, with the school system. The teachers were very clear that we are really are not doing our children a favour, and that socially they will be maladjusted;-) I began to feel discouraged.

Happy friends on the go-kart

It got me thinking about how as Christians, we also do not "fit in". Our choices are not the same as the world's choices, so obviously we do not fit into this world. (The Bible tells it so too) I understand now that my children too, will be different. They probably will struggle to adjust to the systems of this world, be it school or something else. Here in their home, that is not what we are ultimately preparing them for. Hopefully we are preparing them for a high calling, as we train character and disciple them in the ways of the Lord, even if it means in this world they are "different".

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