29 September 2007

Spring colours

So, the holiday?
Well we did go away and had two beautiful days at the Kleinemonde estuary. Alas, we came back early, as all the children were sick. We picked up some strange virus, with high fevers and sore bodies, resulting in listless little people. I felt happier having everyone at home, and then I got it last Monday, for two days. We've all recovered and thus far Dad has remained strong.

We had some HOT days this week, and I pulled out the splash pool and filled it. The girls enjoyed playing it. Lollie, less so, could be that he does not fit into it well anymore!

We did a lovely Weaver lesson on "Shadows" which involved drawing our shadows on the paving, at various times of day, and observing the change. The children loved it. We did all our "school" outdoors in the shadow the house casts. Standing out in the sweltering hot sun, to draw their shapes, they had a hands-on lesson of thankfulness for shade, as we have no trees yet, our yard is VERY hot.

This week we also did "Reflection" and Dad did a really great devotion about reflections that evening, in candle light.

Uncle R is staying with us for a few days, and the children are so enjoying his visit. It is good to catch up with family.

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  1. Hi lindy,so great to know you are reading our blog.Your children are gorgeous!you must be so proud.What a woman,homeschooling your kids...such dedication.
    we love your blog.keep in touch.
    Love,The Doyles.


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