01 September 2007

The Weaver Curriculum

This year our family has struggled to find a homeschool curriculum/method that is the right fit for us. After trying a really traditional, workbook based curriculum until April, which crushed our son's natural love for books, we were ready for a change.

After much prayer we felt that a curriculum based more on the Word of God, than academics would be the ideal curricula. I read a great book, "When you rise up", by RC Sproul which challenged me to take Deuteronomy 6: 6-7 seriously, and literally.

And so I began the painstaking process of trying to create my own curricula around the Word. Searching through books, teaching resources and Internet for what I needed required large amounts of time, and often I struggled to find how to combine the Word with certain subjects. And I ended up "tagging" the Bible in after the academics were covered.

Somehow this was not working. Also, Emma was really struggling during school time. All the work was pitched at Joel's level and she was left out. I really struggled to keep her happy. And the rest of the day Shelley needed so much attention(she still does) that Em was missing out on Mom time BIG time! Something had to change. I began to research curricula again...what a mission that was. Nights spent surfing the Web.

(Drum roll)Enter the Weaver curriculum. I had heard about Weaver from only one other South African. I began to scour anything on the Internet that I could find about it, and at last I decided we would give it a try. In the last two weeks of August we started The Weaver Curriculum.

Because of the ages of our children, we have begun with The Interlock, the preschool Weaver program. We are thoroughly enjoying it. It is, firstly, based on the Word, relaxed enough to cover neccesary academics, and includes little ones and Kindergarten (which is equal to Grade R in South Africa) The program is bringing us closer as a family, as it encourages family devotions too. This seems to be the missing part of other curricula...involvement from Dad. There are many hands on activities, but they are meaningful, not just done for the sake of doing.

We really are thrilled, and plan to learn as much from fellow Weaver users as we can. We belong to a Yahoo group, which has helped me not feel so lonely. I do wish more South Africans knew about Weaver. It's so perfect!


  1. We did Weaver one year and thoroughly enjoyed it!

  2. Hey there, just a quick note to say I love your blogs and everything you're doing for your kids! Yip, like you said in your first entry... bloggin sure beats the cost of seeing a shrink! Lol! I'm sure you'll pick that up to if you read some of my entries :-)Like yourself, my blogs aren't regular, but merely a platform for me to write stuff I want to leave behind for my family to read when I eventually pass on.

    Gosh... looking at the kids and how much they've grown has been a sore reminder of how long it was since I last saw them - perhaps we should look at getting together for Christmas if you're available?

    Big hugs,

  3. Hi Lindy, I have been using Weaver for about 4 or 5 yrs. now. It has work really well for us. I love the music you have on your blog.



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