13 October 2007

My baby is one year old today

This is just a little post, to share my joy, mixed with a tinge of sadness.
Shelley turned one year old today. Soon my little baby will be walking on her own, stepping out of babyhood. It has gone so fast, too fast. I'd like to capture her as she is now for a bit longer...but I know she's got to (and going to) grow up, faster than I wish.

Shelley is doing sweet things, she says "hello" for a phone, and holds it up to her ear, she is crazy about James, and lunges out my arms to him. She continues to be thrilled by Joel and Emma. It never fails to amaze me how they all are so excited to see each other in the morning, as if they've been parted for days. It is too precious. The bigger ones are still very helpful with her, and watch out for her too, it's lovely to see involved how siblings can be.

This may sound funny, but I've gotta keep remembering to enjoy these precious times, no matter how tired I am, despite illness, and heaps of work, and sleep deprivation.

For this too shall pass, and all too quickly.


  1. So true lindy and I agree,it is precious time as it does go very fast!.Happy birhday shelley!

  2. Happy birthday to your little one!


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