10 October 2007

My camera is broken!

As I write this I am praying that God will make a plan for me, because my camera is broken. I really want to keep up this blog. I find it is rather therapeutic recording our days. Without my camera I feel lost!

We've just finished off air and clouds in our Weaver Interlock. We did lots of fun extra experiments and read library books. I can't show you photos of what we've made, but our butterflies were too beautiful. Today we started Day 3 of creation, and discussed about how God created dry land and the seas.

Superheroes sometimes wear Mom's kitchen gloves!This is Joel's birthday thank you note, too sweet

I am so proud of Joel, in his academic progress. His reading has progressed beyond what I ever imagined this year, and he is on book 3A of the Ladybird readers. He also uses the Christian Liberty Press phonics readers, for variety.

On Sunday we had even more reason to be proud. At a special award ceremony at church Joel received a certificate in recognition of his determination to remember his memory verses each week for "Sunday School". He was very shy about it, at the time of course. You know it is not about the award...it is the fact that he has hidden the Word in his heart that makes me swell inside my heart. (I know that child is going to put me to shame at this rate.) He is so keen to learn the Word. The great thing is, as I teach and remind him his verses, for school and Sunday I am learning scripture too. Emma is also learning the memory verses. We do it in a really fun way and often put music to it or jump around and do actions.
"You shall teach them diligently to your sons and shall talk of them when you sit in your house and when you walk by the way and when you lie down and when you rise up." Deut 6:7 ASV
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  1. Hi Lindy
    It's so good to meet other S.African homeschooling bloggers. There are not many of us!

    I know how you feel.... I would be terrible sad if my camera died on me! Do hope you get sorted soon!

    Will pop by soon!


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