12 December 2007

Plants, plants, plants

What joy, my camera is fixed! In this short time Shelley has changed so much, she's walikng all over now. I'll have to post more pictures later.

We've been doing all sorts about plants in our Interlock Weaver this term, which has come to an end. We have covered grasses, herbs, bushes and trees. We all really enjoyed and it was fortunate that the weather allowed us outdoors so much, collecting plants, playing on the grass and examining seeds, leaves and trees. We used the opportunity to plant seedlings in all our outdoor containers. They are looking really colorful as Summer rolls along. The children each got their own planter and chose the plant they wanted. They both chose Petunias. We also each made a miniature garden. I found it so interesting how their personalities came out in their creations. I do wish my photographs were better.

Joel had very little shrubbery, plenty of rocks and stick structures, and his army men placed in between, for his real boy garden!

Emma had a bit of greenery, interspersed with small colorful flowers, and fairies and little animals sitting on rocks in her garden.