28 January 2008

Books are fun

Okay, I have to admit that we, like many homeschool families, were running out of bookshelf space. We recently acquired a lovely HUGE bookshelf for our school room, which has helped. You see, we all LOVE books, from the oldest to the youngest. Books are constantly scattered around the house, and unfortunately, the shelves seldom stay neat.
But...the children are "reading" and not watching TV, and that has to be a good thing. We do watch selected video's inour home, but we actuallyhave never tuned in our TV set to receive South African TV aka SABC. No great loss.

Now, isn't a book so much more fun to
read aloud when YOU enjoy the story too? Here are some of my Favorite children's books:
  1. The Little House- VL Burton
  2. Caps for Sale- E. Slobodkina
  3. Little Bear- E. Minarik
  4. Where does the butterfly go when it rains? -M. Garelick
  5. Three ducks went wandering -R. Roy
  6. The Year at Maple Hill Farm -A and M. Provensen
  7. Treasury for Children -James Herriot
  8. The Saggy baggy elephant - K and B Jackson
  9. Petunia - R. Duvoisin
  10. The Sneetches, and other books by - Dr Seuss
  11. Mike Mulligan and his steam shovel- VL Burton
  12. Berenstain Bears - S and J Berenstain
  13. Guess how much I love you? -S. Mc Bratney
  14. Books by Shirley Hughes, especially Alfie and Annie Rose books, and Out and About
  15. Stellaluna -J.Cannon


  1. Great list! Many of our favorites on it, so I will definitely have to check out the ones we have not read yet!

  2. I agree about SA TV...no great loss.

  3. Oh,Guess how much i love you is a beautiful book!.Anne and Rob gave it to jasper on his first christmas.


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