13 January 2008

The heat is on!

We finished up our Weaver study of the seasons this week. We had a fun laugh the day that we did Winter- there we were creating snowmen and snow for our Winter scene, and outside the temperature was 39 degrees celsius (I think that is above 100 degrees Farenheit)
After discussing Winter the children went outside and ran through the sprinkler to cool down. Suddenly some big clouds came up, and covered the sun, and they were able to feel how when the sun is blocked, it is so much cooler. We were able to actually see the sun rays sticking out from behind the clouds, without hurting our eyes. Earlier they had both asked me why people always draw the sun with "those lines" and now they saw first hand why.

Next we're heading for the moon...as we continue to learn about the the wonderful solar system that God created.
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