30 January 2008

How often do you read to your children?

Since my last post, I've been thinking of how, in the past, I used to spend HOURS reading to my children. Since Shelley has got more active, and Joel started more formal school, those times happen less and less. It's very sad, and I miss it, as do the children. Yet there always seems to be something to do, something else that needs my attention, a phone call or whatever, that takes away our precious reading time.

But... I've decided what I am going to do. From now on we're going to have a set time each day for me to read to the children, after lunch. It's going to be a special time with Mom, no interruptions, no exception. Each child can choose their own short book and then I'll read something else too. I am feeling rather excited about this, as I have really missed reading time, and feel it is so important. I'll keep you posted.

How about you? How often do you read to your children?


  1. Mine have never sat for hours - they get too squirmy! What a beautiful memory you have of them doing that!

    We have always read 20 or 30 minutes at bedtime, but I've been thinking the same thing - that I need to schedule a part of our daytime routine for reading. Punkin is getting old enough to begin enjoying chapter books - I love that! I think she will be old enough to enjoy Little House on the Prairie soon. I'm really looking forward to that!

  2. Not enough!,and my kids love books.Like you,i have made some time in my day to read to them.Life's hectic when your a busy mum aye?,your doing a stellar job by the way.
    Luv,the doyles.


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