09 January 2008

Journal of December Holidays

We returned in early January from a lovely almost two week holiday at the beach. We had a restful time. We went to my parents cottage, at Fish River mouth, and unfortunately the river came down twice whilst we were there, so the beach was strew with reeds, and branches of acacia and their fierce thorns. The sea was extremely muddy and only safe to swim in on two days, when we enjoyed it. The children actually had their first seaside swims. Shelley did not enjoy the beach! She has a thing about sand on her feet and so she sat on my lap all the time.

Here she is enjoying Joels' Australia cap which he received from our family in Aus.

Joel and Emma-lee had some time on the beach each day to dig in the sand and they had great fun sliding down the dunes.

We took the children to the rock pools one afternoon and spent a lovely afternoon catching fish and exploring. Two of my cousins joined us, with their respective children, and in all there were 5 little people aged 8 and under splashing about. It was a special time I'll always remember.

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