18 January 2008

Our house

Left, view from the street, and right, looking back onto the house whilst standing in the garden

I recently realised that many of my dear family and friends have never seen our little home, now that it is completed. So here is the guided tour of the exterior, which is all you're going to get till I win a session with a professional organiser ;-)

Some stepping stones lead from the driveway to the front door. The stoep (aka verandah) is under the deck, and is lovely and shady. We tiled it with some rustic handmade tiles, in earthy colours.
We have had the odd beautiful evening braai (barbecue) out on the deck, and watched the stars. We hope to use the deck more in the future, I find it a bit dangerous still with young children.

Standing on our very unpopular driveway, and a view of the garden.

Due to the nature of or property, we have a very steep driveway, leading to a large level area where the house and most the garden is. At the little railing which you see at the end of the lawn, there is another steep drop, and then a smaller level section of garden which we have not developed, aside from a veggie patch. The Wendy house is also down there.

80 % of the garden is indigenous, and then the lovely view of our little town and the hills.

What visitors comment on
most is our view firstly, and then on the garden. The garden is not a flower filled English paradise, it's a South African garden filled with plants that occur here naturally. There is always something in bloom, and love the different seasonal associations I now have from my garden. For example I am looking forward to my ribbon bush flowering in April.

Honestly, our home still needs tons of work but lately I been thinking about how blessed we are to have this home and garden.

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