09 January 2008

School starts again!

We started our new school year earlier than the government schools here. The first day was a special one for Joel, as it was his first day in "Grade 1". I took a pic of him at his desk. The day went well, and it has been smoother than I expected. There are murmurs about the length of the school day however. I thought 8:30 to 12 with breaks was fair.
Joel on his first day of Grade one

We have been studying the sun and day and night in Weaver Interlock, and now we are on seasons. Today we did Summer and made a lovely wall collage. We will add to it each day over the next while, and so I'll take a pic when we're done. We had collected sea sand and shells at the beach which we added to our collage.

I have done a bit of planning ahead for the year and am finding that it certainly helps. I've also designed a form, to ensure that I am keeping up with the SA school curricula requirements which has made that bit much easier. I plot each day out, recording our Weaver Interlock, Phonics, reading and Math, and the SA subjects like "life orientation" on the form. I have also been summarizing all my records and saved them on my pc, using Homeschool Tracker, which is great. Looking forward to a great year.

I snapped this sweet picture of the girls at their little table

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