10 January 2008

The Seasons in our School

I took this picture this week. I told the family it was time for school and was amazed to find them ALL upstairs waiting for me even before I was ready. Emma and Shelley were "reading" books. It is great to see Joel and Emma are so keen to learn. Interlock keeps them interested and involved. Shelley has given us real fun as she has learnt to sit at the little table on a chair. She is so involved but is SO little. Today the children were acting like bears hibernating in a cave, and crawled under the couch, which I must tell you is a very small space. Shelley followed them, growling all the way...under the couch...with much bumping of her head and tears!

This is the Summer collage that the children made this week, for our season study. Joel was a
bit annoyed as Emma added some creative strokes on the picture. Part of learning to work in a group.
I try to let the children do as much for themselves as they want to/can.

I have been really blessed by James' (alias Dad) contribution to Weaver, in the family devotions.
I like to call the father devotions the "missing link" in homeschool. It is so great that Dad knows what
we are doing, asks about our day, and tells his own little story about the topic. This week James
very aptly told us about how life too has many different times and seasons, as Ecclesiates tells us.
I think it is good for children to realise that life is NOT all rosy and fun, it can be tough, but that
God has an ultimate plan in it all.
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  1. Your kids are adorable! Glad your having fun with Weaver!


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