30 January 2008

The tooth mouse

The tooth mouse paid our house a visit again the other night. Joel lost his third wiggly "baby" tooth.

SO at bedtime, under the pillow went the little tooth, and voila, there in it's place in the morning were six coins. That dear old tooth mouse left Six South African One Rand coins, in exchange for a fairly well worn little tooth.

Why six rand? Well, because Joel is 6 years old. Last year, when his teeth fell out, Joel was five years old and he got R5, so the tooth mouse kindly considered inflation when he paid his first visit this year. (I do hope that the dear tooth mouse realizes how many milk teeth a child has.)

Emma eagerly awaits the time when she too can have a wiggly tooth.
Only, she insists that the Tooth Fairy is going to come and pop a coin under her pillow, not some common mouse!

A friend told us that in her
Xhosa culture, it is customary for the young child to throw the lost tooth over the house and wish for good luck whilst doing so.

One wonders how many different traditions there are around the world celebrating this milestone in a child's life.

So, who comes to visit your house when a milk tooth falls out?


  1. The tooth fairy - when she remembers to show up! Twice, she has forgotten. (deep sigh)

    The tooth mouse? I had no idea. I think that is very cute!

  2. I LOVE how you guy's have the tooth mouse in south africa,we have the tooth fairy in NZ.I just think it's so unique,but then south africa is special in many way's.
    Luv,the doyles.

  3. Hi
    We have a tooth mouse who puts the money in a special cushion. I have twins (pigeon pair) and my son has lost 5 teeth so far to my daughter's 2.
    At present her one top front is loose and every night has the cushion ready to put the tooth in so that the tooth mouse "tande muis" can bring her 3 coins (we give a R5 coin for every tooth lost). Well we'll see tonight if that tooth get's dislodged.
    Thanks for your blog - was interesting reading.
    Sandra - Cape Town, SA


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