15 February 2008

Capturing the memories with photos

Sometimes we get so wrapped up in the busy routine of life, that we forget to stop and just enjoy our children, as they are now. We are so busy with teaching our children, character training and thinking of what needs do be done next that we forget about NOW! With my first child, Joel, I was obsessed with milestone charts. Now I am cherishing every moment with my youngest, Shelley, almost wishing that she won't grow up too fast. At least we now have another baby in the house, Amy!

I was recently going through older photographs of my children. I was fascinated at seeing how they have changed and grown. I cannot help but thinking that, although they are still so young, it is passing all too quickly. Our Emma-lee Rose turns four years old at the beginning of March. I was particularly intrigued at how she has blossomed over the past two years.

So, I'll keep taking photographs of the children, so that I can remember how they looked. One day, all too soon I am told, I will miss the sweet slobbery kisses, the smell of peanut butter and the noise. I'll forget that "all-touched out" feeling, and long to hold them. They'll have moved away. But I'll have the photographs, and the memories.


  1. What great pictures!

    That's one of the reasons I blog - it helps me remember to take pictures. :) They do grow so fast don't they?

    I heard a quote once about motherhood that I love - "The days are long, but the years are short."

  2. Hey Lindy

    Great pics. Can't believe the kids are so big already!

    Please send love to the family.


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