06 February 2008

Our crazy weather

"Mom, how come it's freeeeeezing, when it's supposed to be Summer?"

Our little town (okay, it's actually a city... we have a Cathedral!) here in the Eastern Cape is known to have extremely strange, changeable weather.

Tis true. Take today, for example. A beautiful clear day, not a cloud in sight, a scorching hot day. Suddenly a bank of cloud comes rolling in from the south, over the mountains, and the temperature drops rapidly. Within 30 min the sky is overcast, and rain is threatening. On with the jerseys, change the menu and cover up that paddling pool.

I am told that our city is situated on the edge of four different biomes. A biome is "a climatic and geographically defined area of ecologically similar communities of plants, animals, and soil organisms, often referred to as ecosystems" according to Wikipedia.

This certainly is evident. If you take the one road out my town, you are met with fantastic scenery. The landscape is semi arid. Shale koppies, (little hills) dotted with Cape aloes and other succulent plants abound.

The southerly road out of town takes you through a forested, mountainous area. Damp mist often hangs here, and plants grow rampant and green.

Visitors scoff and declare, "You have four seasons in one day, I can't bear your weather "

Yip, summer, winter, autumn, and spring are difficult concepts to teach to teach my children.
Biomes...they really wreak havoc with our weather, here in the valley.

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  1. I'd give anything to be able to drive to warm weather within 30 min!

    I'm in PA - and we are having really extreme temps today - its almost 70, but damp and humid, not a nice day to head to the park. :(

    -Leigh Ann (from the weaver list)


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