04 February 2008

There is always room for one more

From tomorrow, we're going to have a new little looker-on whilst we do school, in the morning. My beautiful niece Amy, aged 6 months, will be joining us. I told the children about the new plan. I explained to them how special it is that Amy can come to us, and how she does not have to go to a Day Care Centre. I re-assured them that I would still be able to give them attention and love, and that I have plenty of love to go around to all of them. I expressed that it is also a privilege for us to look after her.

Speaking to them reminded me of how I'd felt when I was expecting Emma. I was afraid that I would never love another child as much as I loved Joel. Would I have enough love for both of them?

Now I know that love is just about the only thing that multiplies when you divide it. It seems no matter how much love I give, I still have some more to give, and that I am so much happier when I am giving. I realize now, that there is always space for one more person in my heart.

And it got me thinking.... are we teaching our children to be "takers" as we love and care for them, or are they learning to share the love that we give them, with others?


  1. Lindy, I just love your blog and the sweet little stories you share. It inspires me to add to my own!

  2. Wonderful inspiring words

    Sandra, Cape Town, SA


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