29 March 2008

Easter Holidays

I have not had much of a chance to post in a while. SO here are our latest pics. I finally got a new camera. I am finding it quite an adjustment and must still figure it out.

We were so fortunate to have a lovely visit from the family in the UK. Joel, Emma and Shelley loved the time they spent with cousin Daniel. They had much fun, and Joel and Daniel got up to quite a few tricks.

We had a quiet Easter weekend. James was already preparing for the shops' biggest job of the year- photographing the Rhodes University Graduation. The Graduation is on right now, and we have not seen much of James since last Monday. Hopefully it will all quiet down on Monday. I am looking forward to hearing what the takings have been. (hee hee)

On Easter Sunday we had a slow morning. I was so surprised that the children did not even ask about the Easter bunny or getting eggs. So we had a lovely family devotion time. James took about ten objects, each one symbolizing something of the death of Jesus. There was a nail, sponge, thorns, spear, purple cloth etc. He discussed each thing as he read the story again to them from the children's Bible. The last thing he showed them was an empty box, representing the tomb. I was so happy when Emma said," That's okay, Jesus rose up and is alive. He went to heaven, and he left his Holy Spirit. The holy spirit is with us every day" The previous week we had done a fun teaching on the fruits of the spirit, and something must have stuck!

Today we went to a little village nearby us, called Bathurst. There is an annual agricultural show held there. I must say I have not been since I was a child and it is a lot more commercialized than I recall. I remember pens of stock, now there are stalls of colorful goodies for sale. There was much to see. I took the children to the amusement park area, and so they got to experience their first rides. They went on little boats, and the cups and saucers. Emma was very keen at first to go on everything, but those 2 rides were the only ones that looked safe enough. There was a children's play area too, where they could try their hand at various games, and then win prizes. Joel really enjoyed this and was very happy to go to each stand without me, once he had got the hang of it. He won 3 prizes, and Emma won one. Those of you who know Joel will be surprised to hear that he won 2 of his prizes for boxing a target! He was actually very good at it.