06 May 2008

Two little girls

I managed to get some photos of the girls' today. Life moves at such a pace that they seem to have changed so much since my last posts. Some of my friends and family had commented that they had not seen pictures for a while...so here they are. I look forward to seeing the girls' playing together more and more as they get bigger. Already it's such fun observing them all together, especially as Shelley' vocabulary expands.

Emma is very eager to do school and learn new skills right now. Although we'll be taking it really slow, I've ordered Weaver 123 Read for her. It should arrive in July. What I like is that it has 3 parts. The first is reading readiness skills. I am looking forward to doing something alone with Em.

Shelley has turned into our climber. She can easily scale the jungle gym, the bunk bed and our burglar bars! She adds new words to her list each week. This week she has said Emma and Joel's names. Useful indeed. I must try and wean her soon but part of me wants her to stay all baby.

Joel was inside whilst I was snapping and the girls were camera happy, so he missed out on this round. But here is a photo of him at a recent pirate party.Joel's work was assessed at a local school at the end of last term and he was ahead in everything. He is really enjoying creative writing and dictation. I am enjoying teaching phonics especially. Joel is choosing and reading more difficult books now and such a large number of sight words. Recently Joel discovered that he can type and send e-mails all by himself. Keep an eye on your Inbox!

Our homeschool keeps on buzzing. We have got a baby sitter for Amy now in the mornings, which is easier. We're progressing through Interlock, and still enjoying it. We take longer than three days for each unit, and we often read stories or add an activity to the theme. This week we start studying reptiles. I am unsure when we'll start Volume 1 as Interlock is taking us quite a while!

We've been looking at changing our curricula for Phonics and Math to something that will eventually be less teacher intensive. We've decided on Christian Light Education. I received my samples and am impressed with what I have seen. Although the student fills in a type of workbook, it is not a "fill in the blanks" type curriculum. There is quite a bit of extra thought required by the student and it is a rather challenging curriculum. In Grade 1 Language Arts they learn contractions! The curriculum is written by conservative Mennonites, and their peaceful ways are reflected in their publications.