29 August 2008

We're weaning!

Very soon I'll be removing the ticker from the bottom of my blog page.

You see, I've decided to wean my "baby"! Shelley turns 2 years old in October. Over the last while I have felt it is time to let go, and move onto a new stage with her.

Shelley has got through 4 whole daytimes without nursing and from tonight we'll try limit the night time nurses. She went down tonight peacefully with her very first bottle. She did not even ask for nursing.

I am feeling very at peace with the weaning, not at all sad this time. Funny, this has been such a good school week too. Despite having to distract her alot during school, so that she would not nurse, I found out how much fun we can have together! I've discovered how clever she is at things I never even knew that she could do. And we've talked alot!

It is like our whole relationship has changed, for the better. I had got into the rut of just nursing her whenever she grumbled, and I was feeling so irritable at her, and that made her more whiney. I think she actually needed more attention and stimulation. It's like she's been showing me this week the little girl she is turning into.

Thank you Lord, that so far this has been a blessed transition time.
Thank you that the next steps in Shelleys' little life are safely held in Your hands.