08 September 2008

Donkey Cart

I wanted to show those of you who are not familiar with it, the mode of transport used for goods, by the large majority of the population in our town. Small loads are pushed in wheelbarrows, but larger loads require a donkey cart, such as this one.

A cart can be hired for about R80 for an "in town" job. That's about $10. These beasts of burden do not always lead an easy life. Annually the community raises funds for the care of these donkeys with a Donkey Carnival.

These carts are permissible on all our roads, even the main street. They slow down traffic, but it is an acceptable part of our town life. Another common site is untethered donkeys, cattle and occasionally goats grazing on the verges in town or in the suburbs. Those of us without fences often have our garden plants nibbled at or trodden on by a hungry cow.

Naturally the children love it, on all our car rides about town they see who can spot an animal. Back at home its: " Hey Mom, there's a cow in David's garden, he's chasing it with a broom, come quick" Luckily we have a fence- so my plants are safe!

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  1. Hello Lindy,

    I have decided to try to see all of my Weaver "sisters" and their blogs on a regular basis. So, you came up for today!

    This post is interesting. My kids would love to see such sights in everyday life! We visited Amish country recently in Pennsylvania and they have these --- donkeys, I guess you would call them. But I think they are a cross between a donkey and a Perchon (sp?). They are HUGE! I can't imagine what they would do to your gardens!


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