02 September 2008

Homeschool Curriculum

All my American friends are getting into the swing of a new year, so I thought it would be a good time to list what we're using for homeschool now.

We started using some of Christian Light Education items in May, and we were impressed, so since then we've ordered their LA, Reading and Math. The curriculum is set out like this: most subjects for a year, (which is termed a level not a grade), consist of a set of ten workbooks called Light units.

The main CLE website, http://www.clp.org/index.shtml is not great, in terms of online samples to view. To view online samples, there is a CLE Yahoo Group, called Christian Light Families: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/christianlightfamilies/
If you're in Australia, you could try Christian Light Education Australia Yahoo group: http://au.groups.yahoo.com/group/ChristianLightEducation/

Unlike a typical workbook curriculum, there is a Teacher guide too. This is what makes it different. The teacher guide has other teaching ideas too, and explains everything so well, but it is not overloaded for a busy homeschool Mom. I find that if I glance through my lessons the night before I can easily manage.

The activities in the workbooks are varied and interesting. Though not filled with colorful cartoony pictures, they are pleasant and every now and then a little puzzle or challenge keeps the students interest. As the student gets to higher levels they can complete some material on their own. Already there are sections that Joel is able to do alone. This works well for multilevel teaching. After I have taught, he gets on, and I attend to the girls.

I have really been impressed with the quality of the curriculum, especially for the price. I've used other workbook curriculum, but they are not as complete, and usually were boringly repetitive, and not challenging enough.

CLE also offer an umbrella school type program, called Homeschool Plus which we've joined. The annual fee is worth the peace of mind to me. I have a personal academic counselor whom I can contact with any questions, problems. We get credits for what we've done and our Weaver was accepted for a credit.

Then, of course, we're sticking with our wonderful Weaver Curriculum from Alpha Omega Publications. We finished off Interlock, and have now started Volume 1. Weaver continues to be a blessing to our family. It covers Bible, and in fact all the Science, Health, History, Geography and much more is based on the current Bible lesson. It is a hands on unit study type curriculum, perfect for multilevel teaching. The file has different objectives for each Grade, so it's really neat.

Part of the Weaver Homeschool experience for me is the Weaver Yahoo groups. I receive much support and encouragement from this wonderful group of ladies (and a few Dad's), who are scattered around the globe.

We've also added the Weaver Wisdom Words Language Arts curriculum. Though I feel the CLE is wonderful, I enjoy the emphasis placed on self expression and creative writing in WW. It is not a must, but we do a bit of it each week. Something special happens when you a child a blank piece of paper.

For Emma, we're using Weaver 123 Read phonics program. We're still reviewing letters so I won't be pushing this. Then we use the Rod and Staff ABC series for some preschool readiness.

Then, on each day, I've added a different "elective", so we're covering Recorder lessons, Xhosa lesson,Nature journaling, Physical Education, Art, Baking and computer time.

I set up a little schedule, and Joel is enjoying being able to "see" what is expected of him each day. On Tuesday we attend our local homeschool support group.

It's been good to finally settle into a bit of routine, but every day is different here.

Happy homeschooling!

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  1. Hello Lindy, we want to say thank you for your mention and support of our Weaver Curriculum from Alpha Omega Publications. We would appreciate it so much if you would please link our site (http://www.aop.com) to your blog!
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