08 September 2008

Medieval Banquet

We were Invited to a Medieval Banquet on Saturday night, in aid of a friends sons' seventh birthday. It was rather sudden, so a bit of a rush, but great fun. We created some costumes and the effect was good. I was surprised how Joel keen was to dress up. He took his wooden shield and sword and wore long johns with a long T-shirt and belt over the top. To Emma, dress up means wings and fairy costumes so it was a bit disappointing for her. There were three families and each family organised a bit of entertainment. Shelley loved this part and shrieked and clapped for each act.

The children and I did a ribbon dance to a Medieval tune I downloaded off the Internet. We attached ribbons to longs sticks and moved them around. I had wanted to do a Maypole dance, but that was bit more complicated with three little ones. At the last moment the birthday boy joined in, impromptu style. Too cute!

The family that invited us really did it all beautifully. They hung up big shields with heraldry, and draped long curtains. We didn't use plates- each of us had a chunk of bread for a plate. And then there were all sorts of yummy goodies. there were tin cups, goblets and pitchers. It was an evening with a difference for sure!

I was so impressed with the other children who participated, all homeschooled children. They were so confident and natural. So lovely to see.

This week we're gearing up for Joel's birthday, starting with his homeschool group party tomorrow.

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