01 September 2008

Motherhood is a humbling experience

Well, as usual, I've put the feather in my cap too soon. Weaning is not going well at all. Shelley has caught a cold and is not a happy little girl.

So miserable she is, and requiring a lot of distraction. I thought last week required energy, well this is exhausting!

Is motherhood not such a humbling experience? Just when we think we're so on track, something new comes along. It helps me to remember that these things are also here to mould and make me as a follower of Christ. How do I react to all these things that come across my path of mothering? Do I ask the Lord for His help and guidance, or do I attempt to "handle them" in my own strength?

I'd have to admit that often, I try "go it alone". How foolish! I have so much help available to me, just for the asking. Does God care about nursing, discipline, bad manners, character issues and piles of dirty laundry? Well, I know that He made me, loves me, and wants more of me. All of me. He wants me to cast my care upon Him, and so that includes the burdens of mothering.

But, it's the same with the happy moments. Often, when I look at my children, and feel proud of them, (and my parenting), I am reminded by the Spirit that these children were made by the Lord, and are His. And any good thing in them is due to the work of the Spirit and the Lord in their life.

I'm just a tool in His Hand. I hope that I will learn to surrender more to Him, and give up more of me, as I lean on Him.

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