20 September 2008

My new blog about homeschooling in South Africa

Well we're on our third term holiday. This past term has gone well, and it seems we'll be able to take the Fourth term gently. I can really do with a more relaxed pace. So, we'll focus more on our Weaver Volume 1 as we're reaching our academic goals just fine.

Getting into the volumes has been harder than I'd expected. Sometimes it feels as though I am missing something. See, I'm still learning to WEAVE it all together.

The children enjoy our hands on activities. We made a volcanoe on Friday- that was fun. I am learning that less book knowledge and more hands on is good. I tend to gather a whole pack of books on our themes- forgetting that in Grade 1/2 it is not neccesary to cover topics completely- in any case with Weaver we'll hit the topic again sometime or with the supplement. Next term I plan to have a whole lot more fun, and to stress less.

In amidst the chaos of raising three children and homeschooling, I have started another blog, Homeschooling-in-South-Africa. I want to help homeschoolers in South Africa, and I hope the blog does that. I really want to bless other families who want to homeschool, but who are frustrated by lack of resources and information. It will be a slow process but something I want to do.

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