27 September 2008

September holiday

The first week of our September holiday is over. Despite bad weather we've been having a lovely time. We left for my parents home in PE on Monday. We spent a good week there. The children always enjoy being at Granny and Grandad. We also saw alot of my sister and her children, who we have not seen much of over the past few years. Wow, how they have grown up. Joel especially had a great time with his boy cousins, who, though they are older really entertained him so well. Thanks guys!

On Friday we returned home, and then this morning we went out for the day to my cousins farm. James had to photograph a wedding, so Tracy and Amy came with us. It was a chilly day, but we managed to look at most parts of the farm, that I have not seen in a while. Of course the children enjoyed then animals. We went to feed the pigs and hens.

Shelley was a little wary of the 200 odd mixed herd of cattle though! Emma enjoyed collecting eggs. the girls enjoyed holding the baby chicks, and i held my first one ever too. there were two new day old calves, so sweet.

Joel was pretty hands off the whole animal thing, but had lots of thought provoking questions. We've got to do some research into how many stomachs a cow has on Monday! He was exceptionally thrilled at his amazing find- cow teeth. These are now sitting on my bathroom shelf, awaiting a good scrub. (No, not with any of our toothbrushes) Yuck!

My cousins have two teenage children. Their daughter made some beautiful cupcakes for us all, which the children helped her decorate. Their son kindly pushed all the little people about in a miniture tractor and a small old fashioned car. Two homemade "broom brooms" also made wonderful toys. The children had such a fantastic time in the beautiful garden, and also climbed trees. It was a pity that the day had to end. But fortunately there is still another week of holiday, a visit to another cousin, a party and lots more relaxing. Yeah!


  1. Sounds like you had a fantastic time! great to hear all about it. I hope that you can now find my blog!!

  2. I love the picture of heron the little tractor! She looks so cute! :)


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