21 September 2008

Weaver birds and pretty girls

We've been studying Animal builders in our Weaver curriculum. They suggested Weaver birds, and we were so fortunate to see a male Weaver bird constructing a nest in amongst some dry reeds in a nearby veld. We watched for as long as Shelley could keep still, it was very interesting. It is amazing that this little creature will spend so much time creating something that may well be ripped apart or rejected by it's mate. What a self-less act.

We also drove around our town and spotted all the the castle like buildings we could find. I forgot my camera- there is a fantastic example of one just down the road. I love it when the children can see what they learning outside of a book!

Here is a picture of little madam the other day at church. It was so cute- the girls wanted to go dressed up in dresses and hats, with their little handbags.
I tried to snap Emma too, but she wouldn't oblige.

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  1. Wow - those nests are amazing! I haven't ever seen a real one.

    And your little one looks so cute! :)


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