29 October 2008

Potty training fun!

Shelley is doing potty training. She stills wears a nappy (diaper) most the time, but occasionally she will let me put underwear on her.

Anyway she came down the passage today, proudly announcing,"Look Mommy!" and lifted her dress. "Wow," I said, seeing that she had removed her nappy herself, "Panties"

Then I peered closer, and saw, not one, two or three...but FIVE pairs of nickers on her!
She was so pleased with herself and I was in stitches;-)

25 October 2008

Weaver in South Africa

As many of my Weaver friends know, I was recently asked to put a Weaver table up at a little Curriculum expo held here in SA, in East London. It was really done as a ministry, as I am in no way a legal representative of Weaver or AOP here. And you can see in the pics, it was a very humble affair. I was very nervous because at the last moment I was also asked to give a few minutes talk about Weaver. I really wanted to do justice to Weaver and promote it and I pray that I did that.

Then 6 days later I held a little Homeschool Open Day in my town, amidst having a sick family. We had open house from 12- 4pm, and I gave a talk, with a discussion over lunch time. It went really well. My girls were so sick that they slept through the presentation, so I could give it my full attention. The homeschool families in our group rallied to my support and it was just so great to share with new/potential homeschool families.

After that we've had a few days where the children were actually too sick to do school. It's been bronchitis and ear infections! Exhausting.

With Weaver, we're on Chapter 3, studying the ear. I usually love it when the topics you're studying tie in with what's happening at home, but I could have done without 3 sick children with Otitis Media!

13 October 2008

Belles birthday

Shelley turned two today. The centre picture was taken early this morning as she opened her presents. Actually Joel and Emma opened them for her!

The picture on the left is Tracy, Amy and the birthday girl enjoying cake. And to the right is Shelley with her cake. Mommy did not bake and decorate this time, as the whole house is sick and my energy levels are low.

Lastly a picture of a chocolate faced 2 year old.

08 October 2008

Mini-tornado and rain at last

Today, after the intense heat of yesterday, our little town was suddenly struck by a huge storm. We haven't had rain in ages and the children were playing outside when they asked if they could swim. I looked up at the black clouds looming, and said,"Before we set up the pool, let's wait and see if it rains" And I started praying, hoping that perhaps this time we'd get rain.

Within minutes the rain poured down, hail stones began to fall and the wind whipped about. We all ran inside. I watched from our upstairs school room trying to make out what was happening, but couldn't see through the heavy rain. Actually it was a mini-tornado sweeping through our town. Our area was not harmed besides normal wind and rain damage. And our house was a bit wet in places as it leaks all over!

The other parts of town had roofs blown off houses and other structural damage. I'm so thankful we were not in it's path as I am unsure how this timber home would fare.

Also, I am so grateful to the Lord for the rain. Our garden is a soggy swamp, yeah! I hope the drought has been broken for the farmers too.

03 October 2008

More holiday fun at another farm

And so we finished the last bit of our lovely holiday, on another cousins farm. It has been so great to be out of town and closer to the veld. Only thing is, with the drought, the dust and wind have been non-stop since August. Yuck! The children do not seem to mind and spent a lot of time outdoors.

Chasing the chickens into the coop with a knob-kierie (stick) was Joel's and Colby's favourite part of each day. It was not very easy as the chickens were newly acquired and still very wild. It took a good 20 minutes some evenings.

The great reason for our visit was to celebrate a special boys fifth birthday.
And there he is with his ocean birthday cake, masquerading as a tiger. Isn't childhood magnificent? How many children can you fit in sand pit- at least five were in this farm style one, a tractor tyre!

The young ladies enjoyed the finer things, like the sun, pretty painted faces and of course, the food.

School begins again on Monday...mmm. I think we'll take the fourth term really slow