08 October 2008

Mini-tornado and rain at last

Today, after the intense heat of yesterday, our little town was suddenly struck by a huge storm. We haven't had rain in ages and the children were playing outside when they asked if they could swim. I looked up at the black clouds looming, and said,"Before we set up the pool, let's wait and see if it rains" And I started praying, hoping that perhaps this time we'd get rain.

Within minutes the rain poured down, hail stones began to fall and the wind whipped about. We all ran inside. I watched from our upstairs school room trying to make out what was happening, but couldn't see through the heavy rain. Actually it was a mini-tornado sweeping through our town. Our area was not harmed besides normal wind and rain damage. And our house was a bit wet in places as it leaks all over!

The other parts of town had roofs blown off houses and other structural damage. I'm so thankful we were not in it's path as I am unsure how this timber home would fare.

Also, I am so grateful to the Lord for the rain. Our garden is a soggy swamp, yeah! I hope the drought has been broken for the farmers too.

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  1. Hi Lindy! I'm so glad your home was not badly damaged. We'll say a prayer for the folks in your community.

    By the way, thanks for the comments on my blog! I answered your question about Halloween over on my blog as well.


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