03 October 2008

More holiday fun at another farm

And so we finished the last bit of our lovely holiday, on another cousins farm. It has been so great to be out of town and closer to the veld. Only thing is, with the drought, the dust and wind have been non-stop since August. Yuck! The children do not seem to mind and spent a lot of time outdoors.

Chasing the chickens into the coop with a knob-kierie (stick) was Joel's and Colby's favourite part of each day. It was not very easy as the chickens were newly acquired and still very wild. It took a good 20 minutes some evenings.

The great reason for our visit was to celebrate a special boys fifth birthday.
And there he is with his ocean birthday cake, masquerading as a tiger. Isn't childhood magnificent? How many children can you fit in sand pit- at least five were in this farm style one, a tractor tyre!

The young ladies enjoyed the finer things, like the sun, pretty painted faces and of course, the food.

School begins again on Monday...mmm. I think we'll take the fourth term really slow

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  1. Chasing chickens? LOL! I've never done that, but it looks like fun! Everyone looks so happy!


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