25 October 2008

Weaver in South Africa

As many of my Weaver friends know, I was recently asked to put a Weaver table up at a little Curriculum expo held here in SA, in East London. It was really done as a ministry, as I am in no way a legal representative of Weaver or AOP here. And you can see in the pics, it was a very humble affair. I was very nervous because at the last moment I was also asked to give a few minutes talk about Weaver. I really wanted to do justice to Weaver and promote it and I pray that I did that.

Then 6 days later I held a little Homeschool Open Day in my town, amidst having a sick family. We had open house from 12- 4pm, and I gave a talk, with a discussion over lunch time. It went really well. My girls were so sick that they slept through the presentation, so I could give it my full attention. The homeschool families in our group rallied to my support and it was just so great to share with new/potential homeschool families.

After that we've had a few days where the children were actually too sick to do school. It's been bronchitis and ear infections! Exhausting.

With Weaver, we're on Chapter 3, studying the ear. I usually love it when the topics you're studying tie in with what's happening at home, but I could have done without 3 sick children with Otitis Media!


  1. Looks like fun! Did you feel like there was interest?

  2. Yes, a bit. But some people liked the idea, but said it looked like a lot of work, which was a bit sad. Anyway I am glad that we were there and the rest is in Gods' hands.


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