24 November 2008

Cookies and Cakes and Kittens

Well, the reason i have not been blogging or visiting other peoples blogs is all because of cookies. Yes, not the kind you eat, but something on your computer that does something. As you can hear, I don't know much about these cookies and so for a long while I could not log on here. Today i had some time, and step by step followed the instructions, so I hope no more cookie trouble for me.

Now, about cakes. We recently went to a bazaar and in amongst the books Joel spotted a recipe book, which he bought with his own money. As soon as we got home he wanted to make a chocolate cake to take to church next day.

So I said he could, if he did it all alone. We got all the ingredients out together and then he began. it was a great math lesson, for me and him, as the recipe was in pounds and ounces and we've got used to metric. Anyway he plodded on and finally out came a really good cake. All i helped with was the hot bits as I was afraid of an accident. He iced (frosted) it himself and I think it tasted and looked much better than my first, second and ... cake.

We recently added two new members to the family, two lovely little kittens. One for Joel, a black male he has named Smokey and a beige female who Emma has named Cameo. They really are very little indeed, I think they were malnourished, and need some fattening up. Anyway they love their milk and kitty food and everyday seem a little rounder. They were also rather dirty as they had lived outdoors, so on Friday I gave them both a bath, something I have never done in my life, and they are looking and smelling fresher.

We've finished off our formal school for the year but still have one more week of Weaver. We started the transport chapter in Volume 1, but we'll have to pick it up again in January. South Africa has there biggest holiday now, over Christmas and early January.

Joel finished off the first semester of Level 100 Christian Light Education, and has really done well. I am just amazed how the language skills he is using have been put to practical use. I look forward to next year, when we complete the semester. i am still so happy with this curriculum and have also started to add the Science and Social studies when they tie in with our Weaver. The first CLE Social Studies workbook, 101, was a perfect fit for the Weaver Volume 1, chapter 2.

Last, but not least, some new pictures of the children in our household. Isn't little Amy too cute, "pony girl".

Shew, I think that just about catches us up to speed with the latest happenings.

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