04 December 2008

Bouncing back!

I am pleased to report that Emma did so well with the surgery. She suffered quite a bit the first day from pain but today was much better. She is eating and drinking as normal now, and is her cheery self. I really felt God was there holding our hands. Unfortunately, she was last on the theatre list, and we were surrounded by 5 other squalling post operative toddlers, enough to break even steel nerves. Once I'd taken her to the theatre I returned to the ward for a cup of tea and I was shaking!

But she did so well. We were able to pray through it all and even in the theatre as she "blew up her balloon". Medical staff at this hospital were so caring of the child-parent relationship and God blessed us with friendly caring staff.

In the end the ENT surgeon inserted grommets and removed her adenoids, so we should see an improvment in her sleep apnea and hearing loss soon.

Thanks for all the prayers and concern.

We are off to the beach tomorrow. We are very excited as we'll be seeing my brother and his family from Australia. We have not seen them in about 3 years and they have not even met Shelley or Amy. The children are so excited to see their cousins.


  1. I'm so glad things went well. A good surgical/nursing staff can make such a huge difference in the experience. Will continue to pray as she recovers.

  2. I'm so glad it went well and that is is recovered enough that you can go on your vacation!! Have a wonderful time!!

  3. I am glad the ordeal is over and that it went well. Her hearing and speech should improve drastically and as her sleeping improves, my guess is that she will be a happier child all around. The grommets will be a nuisance with the swimming, but they are worth it. What do you put in ears these days when children swim? Still presstick like we did 25 years ago?
    Enjoy your holidays


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