02 May 2009

Family Pictures April

On my birthday we went for a picnic on the lawns outside an old chapel. The chapel is on the campus of Rhodes University, so lots of students do this. However, as it was a public holiday it was actually very quiet. It was a lovely mild day, and in fact it started drizzling twice whilst we were there. We had a "Mama treat", ready bought take away meal, so I did not have to prepare on my birthday. That was a break!

The students passing by enjoyed the children and they in turn had fun running around and jumping all over the grass. Isn't it beautiful how a large area of grass always makes a child want to run?

We took a short stroll around the lovely old buildings and just before we left a choir assembled in the chapel and we listened to a them singing some beautiful spiritual songs.
I had a happy birthday, indeed.

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  1. Happy Birthday!!

    Your kids are so beautiful!!


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