29 November 2009

Another blessing on the way

I'm thrilled to tell you all that we've another baby on the way. It is still very early days and I think the baby is due about July next year. James and the children are very excited about it. We've told a few people, many have blessed us with their positive reaction. It has not been easy with some negative reactions however.

I keep returning to the Word and thanking God for choosing us to nurture this little soul. I believe children are a blessing, yes a reward, and I'll just tell people that when they pity me or think I'm crazy for having a fourth child.

I have been asked if we'll still homeschool, and yes, of course we will. I plan to do a lot when I can and take it easy when we cannot. And I want to spend time enjoying my baby, watching those early days that pass so quickly.

I'll see the doctor on Tuesday.