09 January 2010

Sad news

I'm sorry to have to post this, but for some of our friends, it's the only way you'll get the news. I was 12 weeks pregnant and started miscarrying on Thursday. I had all the usual tests and scans and the Dr's found the baby must have died quite a while back as there was no heart beat, a large rather empty sac and development had stopped. I had a D&C today.

We don't understand and I'm trying not to ask questions. Having been there before, 9 years ago, I know it's futile to ask why, you never get the answers, but the pain eventually heals. I just keep thinking how God never said life would be easy, this is part of the broken, imperfect world we live in, but that He's promised He'll be there. I'm clinging on that, to Him. His ways are perfect and He has a plan for our family.