09 July 2011

Warming up the chill!

Yeah! I got my new camera. Thanks so much James ;-) I've been playing with Picassa and created a collage.

We've had some really freezing weather and have been cooped up for days. So it feels as if we have not done anything in ages. I have also not been well, the children have been so good, even though I've spent most days in bed, they've really understood and being so well-behaved. Some family friends popped by on Sunday past for lunch, so I quickly snapped the children, all looking scruffy.

The girls and I went for a drive with my sister and niece to the farm her husband manages, for a change of scenery. It's situated in the Belmont Valley, in summer, it's lush and green. We all bundled on our coats and beanies. Joel was feeling poorly, so decided not to risk the car trip along the twisty Stoneshill road. The background, which of course you cannot see, is a grove of pecan nut trees in their winter colours and some old cabbage lands. I really thought the trees looked stunning, all naked and bare, but my sister disagreed. We had a cuppa coffee and Milo as we watched a tractor and some machinery attached to it, fertilise a current cabbage field, which the girls enjoyed. There is a backdrop of mountains, so we were huddled down in the valley, it was beautiful to get out. And...we came home with some farm produce, an enormous butternut and a pumpkin, so some soup will be on the menu soon.

The centre pic is a little love from my Emma-lee, top left, a little note and some lavender and felicia in a vase. These are the things I want to remember.
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01 July 2011

Stepping back in time

We did this outing 4 years ago, in 2007 and for some reason after I added to SA blog carnival code, I oculd not save it under it's original date. Mmmmm.

Yesterday our homeschool group visited the gracious little Settler village, Bathurst. We spent a long time at the Bathurst agricultural museum, and found it extremely interesting.  The children were allowed to touch and pick up  old butter churns and various farm implements and see how they work.  
 The boys were thrilled with the variety of wagons, carriages and  carts.  We were allowed to climb on them for photographs.  

After that we went to a Settler church. This is where Settlers hid during the Xhosa-Settler wars.  One lady even had a baby in the Anglican church there during a raid, poor soul.  It was a lovely day, which we ended by having a picnic in the veld next to the old Settler Powder magazine.  We'll be back for more exploring.



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