23 September 2011

Weaving again

Basic Weaver Set
Ihaven't posted much here these past years.  And I have not updated anyone about our homeschooling. Well, after about two years absence, we have started our beloved Weaver Curriculum again.  When the girls were smaller, I found they could not keep up and got bored.  Now Emma is 7yo and Shelley is almost 5yo and their attention span is much better.

We are now on Chapter 3 and really enjoying it.  Shelley does the activities that she wants to and wanders off if she doesn't feel interested.

The children have re-acted so well to the Weaver and I honestly think God has brought this into our lives again at the right time.  Twice this week Joel has looked at me in disbelief and said, "Mommy, you're different, you've changed!"  I think he can visibly see the tension has gone from me and I feel at peace about curriculum choices.

A seasoned fellow South African Weaverette gave me some very wise advise.  She said once you have chosen what you are going to use, do not even look at anything else.  Excellent!

I am also doing Interlock with Shel, I'm so blessed to be able to do it again.  I am wondering which I prefer mroe Interlock or the Volume?  It is not advised to do a Volume and Interlock together, but since I've done Interlock and some of Vol 1, I think it will be ok. Though I am lost as to how to schedule my day. I am thinking we'll progress through both these slowly at this rate!

We have one more week of school before our Spring break.  Yeah, I am really wanting to organise my school room again and throw out clutter in the house.

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