04 October 2011

To Facebook or not to Facebook- there is no question!

Okay, so zillions of people out there love Facebook.  And they are enjoying connecting with each other via this social networking system.  Some have met long lost friends.  Others have found new friends.  Mostly every day, at best these people log into Facebook and check out what is happening and who is doing what. At its worst, they're checking in every few minutes or constantly logged in.  I'm not sure how this is going to effect the worlds productivity levels.

The Homeschool world has not been left out of this, with many homeschool groups now moving onto Facebook.  I recently read that the days of Yahoo e-mail groups is "old school"!  Oh dear.  If that is the case, I'm afraid I am about to be left behind.  You see, I don't do Facebook.  I won't do Facebook.  I'm not on Facebook.

Four years ago, I did Facebook.  Not for long.  I had a few friends. One day, whilst in my little world of FB, in amidst searching through my "wall posts" and cyberhugs, I suddenly realised that my children were trying to talk to me.  They had been repeating something, but I was in another world, and hadn't heard them.  It struck me then- this is real life, these children need me to be communicating with them, not staring at a screen. 

Sure, I liked the people I was connecting with, but it was beginning to stop me from connecting with real life people. (It's so much easier and less messy to visit on FB, isn't it)see Were my children watching as visitors came into our home and conversed, seeing me support a crying friend, were they learning anything from FB about real friendship?  Was I still reaching out to others who were shut in, visiting them, taking them meals or was I sending them cyberhugs and then ignoring them?  What was I actually teaching my children about real life communication and love when I was on FB?  That those relationships and that type of communication was important, even more important than they were?!  These, and many other sentiments hit hard and deep!  I shut down my FB profile, only to discover that it never really shut down. Since then I have attmepted to follow a really complicated process to delete myself, I hope I was successful.

In the past few years I know of 2 marriages ruined, where FB played a role in deception and adultery.  Sure, adultery can succeed without FB.

I am probably  going to get nailed for saying this, but I feel that married women having male friends, and married men having women friends on FB, particularily those from their pasts, is just playing with fire.  I saw how people were inclined to be a lot more personal on FB than they would be in real life and that is dangerous.  I shudder to think how many more wonderful marriages are going to be ruined by FB, people innocently connecting with others, only to get deeper and deeper into a "unreal" relationship.

I am sure FB has it's uses.  I hear it's great if you own a business, and is the way forward.  So, I'm old fashioned and backward.  If all the homeschool groups move over to Facebook, I'll be very alone.  Especially if notices of homeschool events and such are only posted on FB.  I'll just take my chances.

Facebook user?  No thanks, I'll take real life anyday.


  1. Excellent post! I am a fellow oldschool NON-facebooker. I agree with all your sentiments. Thank you for sharing

    Shirley Ann

  2. Yes, I really agree with your opinion that married couples are playing fire if they are chatting with many other people either men or women. This is a real disaster for a wife to connect actively with male friends. It is a sin in Islam. It is not true that you are old fashion. Actually it is the right way to make your home like a heaven. The fire in FB can become a disease in our marriage. For me, blogging is good enough to convey my message in homeschooling. It really give me a moral support and courage to keep on doing a great homeschooling activities with my two sons, my 2 grand daughters and 1 grand son. Anyhow..my family does has a FB for our online business. As you have said that FB play a good role in a certain environment but not in marriage.


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