13 August 2014

Frogs and snails ...

As Joel is very interested in all natural things, but especially frogs, we embarked on a pond building project this week.  We are far from finished, but it was great fun.  No amphibians have moved yet, and we wait in anticipation.

We chose to simply dig a hole, and line it with heavy PVC plastic, rather than lay in a cemented pond, as we are renting here.  As you may be able to see from the photo, the soil here is extremely sandy, so all around the edge we placed rocks.  We will have to fill up the gaps with some good garden soil from elsewhere.  Then I look forward to planting some lovely plants around it.  I would like to plant ferns and get some aquatic plants.  We would like these to all be indigeous, in order to attract our local hoppers.

We have seen many varieties of frogs here, even tree frogs.  I didn't even know South Africa had tree frogs!  They come in a variety of colours and some have gorgeous patterns.  I must get a photo of them.

Yesterday morning Joel found this snail... in his shower cubicle! He took great interest in it, you can head over to his blog and read all about it. 

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